Digital Estate Planning Workshop

Sat Oct 21
Golden Gate University
01:00 PM
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You’re invited to a workshop bringing together technologists, lawyers, and other mortal humans to join facilitated sessions surfacing the most pressing issues at hand related to digital assets and end-of-life planning. We will focus on digital literacy and digital asset management. These shared needs will inform the work of Megan Yip, JD and Willow Brugh in building out a set of resources for those planning digital estates as fiduciaries or as individuals.

A brief description of their work follows:
One area left unaddressed in helping our elders is that of digital literacy and digital asset management. Older adults are using the internet, online tools, and applications. They do this to navigate everyday life, stay in touch with family, and share access to assets so that out-of-town family members can help them manage their banking, shopping, and medical records. Work around digital assets as a part of estate plans has revealed a lack of understanding of technology or digital literacy in many families. They are therefore unable to intentionally manage their digital resources for daily life. It follows that they cannot begin to plan for how their digital assets might be used in case their needs change, they become incapacitated, or they pass away. Sadly, many estate attorneys have also fallen behind in digital literacy and have a hard time making sense of the issues or advising families on liabilities and strategies related to digital assets.