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Orpheum Theatre Musical
By Diana Salier (Jun 05, 2011)
The cast of Billy Elliot: The Musical kicked off a three-month run at the Orpheum Theatre, with local 15-year-old J.P. Viernes taking on the eponymous role. More »
Summertime Blue
By Diana Salier (May 01, 2011)
The thrill of watching three dudes covered in blue body paint bang on pipes and drums and hurl a human paintbrush at a blank canvas is something you just can't allow yourself to miss. More »
A Thought-Provoking Production
By Diana Salier (Apr 10, 2011)
Aside from the well-crafted sense of atmosphere, the intricacy of the charactersí relationships is what drives SF Playhouse's thought-provoking [b]Reborning[/b]. More »
Spring Arts in Bloom
By Diana Salier (Apr 03, 2011)
From an epic five-hour theater production on the waterfront to a new weekend contemporary arts fair on the edge of the Tenderloin, the arts are blooming this May. More »
Quidam Doesn't Disappoint
By Diana Salier (Mar 08, 2011)
Everything youíve heard about Cirque du Soleil is Quidam, at the Cow Palace through April 17th, is a mind-bending experience. More »
A Funny, Ordinary Guy
By Diana Salier (Feb 15, 2011)
Comedian Todd Barry is that quiet dude from high school who didnít say much and probably got picked on a lot, but grew up to be way more famous than you. More »
Vibrant, Abstract Photograms
By Diana Salier (Jan 27, 2011)
Greg Kaplowitz, a featured artist with SF Stationís local artist program, started with more traditional forms of photography before moving to abstract expressionism and photograms. More »
Festival Highlights
By Diana Salier (Dec 17, 2011)
The 10th Annual SF Sketchfest brings three-week celebration of comedy to San Francisco, featuring revered comic veterans and todayís hit jokesters alike. More »
Moving to Greener Pastures
By Diana Salier (Nov 21, 2010)
Frey Norris Gallery on Geary Street recently shut its doors in preparation of a relocation to a 5,100-square-foot space in SoMa. More »
Strange Hands From Brooklyn
By Diana Salier (Nov 13, 2010)
The Shooting Gallery is hosting [b]Manos Extranas[/b], an exhibition of new works from Morning Breath, a Brooklyn-based duo with a penchant for the lo-fi aspect of graffiti, comic book, and skate culture. More »
Diana Salier's Articles
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