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Delorean – Subiza

Released by True Panther Sounds, 6/08/10

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

As temperatures rise and throbbing beats permeate the summer sunsets, Delorean nurtures a blissful dance pop album made for the summer party scene. Subiza, the work of Ekhi Lopetegi, Guillermo Astrain, Unai Lazcano and Igor Escudeo twirls in the summer club night like light on a Y-axis of energy, thrill, and hope.

This is the Spanish band’s third studio album, named after the Navarre town where it was recorded. After coming off of the Ayrton Senna EP in 2009 with great reviews, it would be easy for the band to reuse and sprinkle in favorable ingredients, but Delorean decided to cook up a whole new batch of summer punch.

Each track is highly upbeat with guitars and keyboards that dance and bounce off the upper bars of the staff. Replete of fun electronic dance tracks, Subiza will cut through the humid night like a skinny-dipping jackknife.

“Stay Close” kicks off the joyous party, getting the head bobbing while circling the vocals imploring you to get up and start moving. Vivid layers loop, compound and then divide, leaving a fantastic musical residue on “Real Love”, the second track off the album. The tranquil and buoyant vocals of Ekhi Lopettegi bounce like atoms across the waves of synthesizers while heavy dance beats power throughout the album. One of my favorite tracks is, “It’s All Ours” — just a fun, roll your windows down and drive type of tune. A great ending to a Barcelona bonanza, “It’s All Ours” leaves a hopeful echo in your ears that it’s summertime.

Subiza is plenty upbeat and distinctively enjoyable. Delorean takes you 88 mph through the merry sun, waves, and beach of their musical Mediterranean playground. And, with my apologies to the movie Back to the Future, “You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this.”