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Def Harmonic: All These Worldz

Totally Funked Up

Def Harmonic's sophomore effort, <i>All These Worldz</i> is an otherworldly exploration of a rap, funk, and hip-hop amalgamation. Lyrically delicious and sonically ambitious, JTodd and Lunasol9 have put together a solid, danceable album that never fails to entertain.

Clearly influenced by groups such as Digable Planets and Parliament Funkadelic, Def Harmonic assembles a litany of spacey tracks that never become repetitive. With their catchy, cosmic lyrics, Def Harmonic engages the ears and mind. Simultaneously, JTodd and Lunasol9 deftly interweave turntables, guitars, and keyboards to produce beats that are sure to drive listeners to the nearest dance floor.

While <i>All These Worldz</i> doesn't contain a single lackluster track, there are a few that really sparkle. "Spaced Out" was a hit in the UK and it's more than apparent why this infectious groove resonated for so many. Equally entertaining is the aquatically influenced, "The Deep".

<i>All These Worldz</i> is an album best suited for a late, hot night on the dance floor, but would also be well suited for a low key house party. Ultimately, it is the versatility of the tracks Def Harmonic lays down that is most striking about this album.

While clearly influenced by rap, funk, and hip hop, Def Harmonic manages to craft a sound that is familiar, yet distinctive. The title <i>All These Worldz</i> could be a reference to all of the different sonic worlds that are joyously explored in Def Harmonic's latest. One can only hope that <i>All These Worldz</i> is but the beginning of Def Harmonic's musical journey.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars