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Deep Sushi

Noe Valley's Hip Hideout

It's sushi with an edge. Forget the typical atmo that's usually attached to your edamame - Deep Sushi is dining out in every sense of the word. Located in outer Noe Valley, locals and other-side-of-towners alike place this sign-less neighborhood haunt on their destination dining hit lists.

Cousins Ray Tobias III and Galvin Gaviola are co-owners of this cozy blink-and-you'll miss-it sushi joint; both are so young they'll make you question what you've been up to for the last decade. Re-incarnating a space that used to serve as a beauty parlor, they've capitalized on the appeal attached to a dining discovery. Step inside, and you feel like you're in on a neighborhood secret -- and indeed, you are. With a premium on style, Deep Sushi has a decor to match its "night out" aesthetic. An Italian glass mosaic bar is the centerpiece of the stylish space, accented with suspended spider plants and set against sultry red walls.

Start with the fried tofu and the curry croquettes -- a spin on typical sushi fare. The plates are all presented in avant-garde garb, replete with a wasabi smear that looks like a modern artist had a turn at the sushi chef wheel. The menu is tempura-tastic, with more than one roll boasting a fried vegetable centerpiece. Try the Green Dragon roll ($11); a vegetarian dream complete with sweet potato and fried asparagus fashioned to resemble its namesake. Don't miss the Sun Flower roll ($12) modeled after (you guessed it) a sunflower, and made of salmon, cucumber, shrimp tempura, smelt eggs, garlic mayonnaise sauce and a raw quail egg as the piece de resistance. Or try the perpetually popular Spicy Tuna roll ($6), differentiated from the rest by its outer ring of chives.

No sushi meal is complete without its sake. Deep Sushi boasts a great selection -- not to mention the fact that you might find yourself dining an elbow's length apart from a visiting sake mogul (it happened to me). Try the Cristal of sake (if your wallet allows), a smooth bottle that goes by the name of Hoya, and goes down dangerously easy. Or if you're feeling inauthentic, order up a glass of the house wine.

Continuing its atypical approach to sushi, Deep Sushi differentiates itself by offering dessert. Try their decadent fried banana dessert served up alongside local favorite Mitchell's ice cream in flavors like Mango and Green Tea. It's the perfect finish to a perfectly satisfying meal.