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Deep Blue

Plumbing the DepthsÖ

The greatest unexplored frontier is all around us and covers the vast majority of the earth. Yet despite our close proximity to this frontier, there is so much that remains undiscovered. Deep Blue thrusts us into this watery mystery giving the audience visibility to a world seen by few. It's beautiful and even inspiring at times, but the voyage is not perfect.

This adventure is guided by the soothing and tranquil narration of Pierce Brosnan. While the narration is thankfully not omnipresent as it undoubtedly would detract from the awing cinematography, the value of the narration is questionable. Aside from providing a verbal segue from one aqueous vignette to the next, the former 007 agent offers little that is revelatory or inspiring.

What does inspire are the plethora of amazing shots director Alastair Fothergill manages to capture. Alastair succeeds in immersing the audience in the wonders of the ocean in a remarkably up close and sometimes jarring fashion.

Being thrust into the midst of a shark feeding frenzy manages to both mesmerize and terrify as these savage eating machines relentlessly pursue their prey. No less mesmerizing is watching an enormous killer whale idly toss a sea lion fifty feet in the air before consuming his prey.

No stone is left unturned in Deep Blue. Director Alastair Fothergill grants the audience access to the microscopically complex world of fiddler crabs, the inspiring migration of emperor penguins pursuing the perpetuation of the species, and the bizarre life forms that cling to life in the fathomless depths.

If nothing else, what becomes apparent is the sheer enormity of life that exists in, on, and around the ocean. Even in the deepest and seemingly most life averse regions of the murky depths, somehow life persists. This realization is perhaps no less inspiring than the beautiful cinematography of Deep Blue.

Unfortunately, where Deep Blue falls somewhat short is in clear direction. While Fothergill manages to shed light on just about every form of life in the ocean, exactly where he is going is unclear. This open-endedness takes away from what is otherwise an engaging and well-crafted documentary. There is a perfunctory message tacked on calling attention to the importance of preserving this vast natural resource, but it lacks any real depth.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars