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DDM: Snow on the TV

A Cacophonous Disaster -- Released on Dim Mak Records

The Long Beach duo DDM (formerly Dance Disaster Movement) occupies the interesting space of the dance-punk genre. Unfortunately, DDM fails to assemble a single track that is even vaguely danceable or listenable for that matter. The end result is an album that is truly a cacophonous disaster. Mercifully, <i>Snow on the TV</i> is a short, seven track EP.

Where to begin? One track segues into the other with a seamless monotony that grows tedious after the second track. The beats of said tracks are jarring and arrhythmic; which doesn't exactly lend this music to any kind of dancing. Unless you define dancing as the violent and unpredictable convulsions that result from the seizure <i>Snow on the TV</i> will invariably induce.

While the lyrics (or what passes for them) are sufficiently infused with the kind of rage and anger that is requisite for punk, they are incoherent and virtually incomprehensible. Coupling yelled lyrics with sounds of power drills and white noise was not an apt choice and will likely induce ear bleeding for many listeners.

In short, you can't dance to it and you can't listen to it. The one area in which DDM does manage to succeed is in the ironic title of their album, <i>Snow on the TV</i>. Truly, watching a test pattern or snow on TV will likely yield a more gratifying experience than listening to this disaster.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5 stars