Davis & Davis: Climates of Deception

Event has passed (Thu May 4, 2006 - Sat May 27, 2006)
Marx & Zavattero
10:30-5:30 Tu-Fr; 11-5 Sat
Arts, Gallery


We are proud to present, for the first time in San Francisco, new multimedia projects by Los Angeles collaborative duo Davis & Davis. "Climates of Deception" features large-scale installations reflecting the artists’ ongoing interest in parapsychology and ufology. Often infused with a sense of paranoia, these unique projects reference cold war hysteria with a conspiratorial air. "EFAC" is a multimedia installation that features a staged roadside café based on the Little Aleinn in Rachel, Nevada - near Area 51 - where testing of captured, alien technology allegedly takes place. Visitors to the café can read a well-circulated piece of UFO disinformation, the Krill Report, and eavesdrop via the jukebox on two animatronic Men in Black as they conspire in silhouette, whispering hardboiled dialog from various film noir of the 40’s and 50’s.

Davis & Davis will also debut a new series of large-scale, digital pigment prints entitled "Planet X," featuring toy spacemen of the 40’s and 50's.


  1. Marx & Zavattero
    77 Geary St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA