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DaVinci’s Picks

‘Frisco All Day

Fresh after the March release of his new album, The Day the Turf Stood Still, Fillmore rapper DaVinci checked in with SF Station to give us the dirt on his favorite neighborhood spots. Excluding SOM, all are within a short walk from his house.

DaVinci’s Neighborhood haunts:

SOM: “A new club/lounge on 16th and South Van Ness, SOM has a real laid-back, relaxed, multi-ethnic environment. There's always good people and a chill vibe whenever you're there. Personally, I like to go there on Thursday nights for Good Foot, a dope hip-hop night my folks at SWTBRDS, Distortion2Static, and Good Company throw. Also, the bar stocks more exclusive liquors, ones you usually don't see around too often.”

Upper Playground: “San Francisco has always been a graffiti mecca. Upper Playground is dope because they've captured the visuals of the city's street art and incorporated it with what they do, putting it onto clothes and other products. I always have respect for people whose goal is to represent my home turf. Upper Playground does just that.”

True: “One of the OG boutiques in SF, and they have the most exclusive clothes in the Bay Area. I've always liked that their house brand keeps SF references in the designs; when you out of town and you see someone rocking TRUE, you know they're from SF, or at least from the Bay. Mike Brown, a local figure, is the owner. The son of former Mayor Willie Brown, he's a young black dude working his way up, and he keeps his money in the community rather than taking it elsewhere.”

Cheese Steak Shop: “They've got the best steak hoagies in the city, hands down. I've never been to Philly, but my folks that have say this place is better than the ones in Philly! I usually get the chicken Philly with spicy and sweet peppers. Also, on the walls inside, they've framed historical information from local newspaper clippings, which gives the place that local vibe.

Eddie's Cafe: “I usually go here for breakfast, but anything on the menu is good and they have large portions. On the window frame of the cafe are CDs and albums of local musicians ranging from the legendary days of soul, jazz, and blues to the first mix-CD I released years ago. I love the food and the support they show for the city's music scene.”

FTC: “FTC is a skate shop and lifestyle boutique that has always been dope to me, even though I don't skate. I've always liked that they support local artists like San Quinn — someone I've looked up to since childh