David Lanz

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Music, Jazz


Thursday, Dec 20

8pm $25

GRAMMY-NOMINATED PIANIST DAVID LANZ is a contemporary instrumental legend whose deeply-felt compositions helped forge the New Age music movement over 20 years ago. Since then, countless fans around the world have embraced his music which is infused with a passion and tranquility much sought after in the face of today's world.

David Lanz never dreamed that his music would follow the course that it has. It was rock music that actually provided a launching pad for the Grammy-nominated virtuoso from Seattle and ultimately led him to the music that would define him. Journalists have agonized over what to call Lanz’s style—words like refined, pioneering, regal, comforting and pensive have all been used to describe his work—but Lanz has a favorite tongue in cheek catchphrase that suits his sound perfectly: “heavy mellow.”

For more than three decades, the visionary recordings and live performances of David Lanz have served to heal, to inspire, to provide spiritual nourishment and, simply but so vitally, to soothe frazzled nerves in this increasingly stress-filled world of ours. But it wasn’t until Lanz had already honed his chops as a rocker, a funkster and an all-around journeyman musician that he contemplated how his talents might best be utilized. “I asked myself, ‘What does the world need?’” he says today. “And I said, ‘The world needs healing.’ This is a good path for me to take.”

That path was toward a contemplative, impressionistic style, both solo and in tandem with other musicians, that put the spotlight squarely on Lanz’s piano, an instrument he uses to communicate one-on-one with each listener. Many have tried to define his style, to put it in a box—they’ve called it New Age, classical crossover, contemporary instrumental, adult alternative and other descriptives—but in the end it’s always come down to this: David Lanz plays David Lanz music. As both composer and interpreter, his approach to music is often larger than life, breathtaking in its breadth, yet accessible and down-to-earth as well. Through his music Lanz connects in an intimate manner with his audience, tapping into their emotions, thoughts and dreams.

With the release of Cristofori’s Dream…Re-Envisioned, David Lanz has, in a sense, come full circle. Returning to the music that launched him as an international phenomenon a quarter-century ago—when he recorded the original Cristofori’s Dream provides the world-class pianist and composer with the perfect opportunity to take stock of his art and both assess where he’s been and where he hopes to go.