Dave Paul

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rock/ New Wave/ Dance, San Francisco, CA
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Celebrating 20 years as a deejay Bomb Hip-Hop’s ceo Dave Paul began his hip-hop career in 1985 as a mobile dj and then later evolved into a prominent college radio dj & club dj in San Francisco. In 1991 Dave Paul launched the now legendary company Bomb Hip-Hop. He has been featured in URB, CMJ, Undercover, XLR8R, appeared on the front cover of Billboard, and is featured in the movie SCRATCH. With the b-boy’s revenge and the DJ’s return, the one man army of Dave Paul is a true hero of the global independent scene, having unleashed upon the world the pioneering Return of the DJ series as well as a slew of international artists and producers. All with one thing in common - the true ethics of b-boyism. With an emphasis on the four elements of the hip-hop Dave Paul has created the archetypal independent company, encompassing everything from management to a mail order catalog, concert promotion to magazine, merchandise to a record label (releasing over 60 projects).