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Dave Gahan - Hourglass Remixes

Released on Mute Records, 3/11/08

Dave Gahan rises from the ashes again, like the phoenix that he is, with another solo effort called Hourglass giving birth to a sub collection called Hourglass Remixes.

Hourglass Remixes offers two formats in record form; with the vinyl release, it gives you eight cuts of remixes while the CD will give you eleven. The tunes are remixed by a whole gaggle of DJ’s from all around our global sphere. Amongst the slew are Bookashade, out of Berlin, T. Raumshmiere (who’s got a punk/electro vibe to him), and Digtalism, also from Germany. Digging deeper in Europe…Amsterdam gives us Sebastien Leger, and Onur Ozer all the way from Turkey. A couple Yanks, out of NYC include, Kap10kurt, alongside, Juan Maclean.

The eleven tracks tries four varied remixes of a tune called "Deeper + Deeper", which is about as distinctive as a fringe of road blocks when you’re already trapped in a slow crawl of traffic. There are two versions of "Saw Something", and three versions of "Kingdom". The best tune, and only solo version, that twinkles above the rest is "Love Will Leave". Sadly, repetition and a lack of variety were the building blocks here. Could they have remixed these any safer?

The original album, Hourglass is something to behold on its own. Die-hard fans will enjoy the audio files because they closely resemble that faithful Depeche Mode sound that we all are familiar with Hourglass Remixes, on the other hand, deconstructs the originals and it isn’t always successful with a fully listenable experience. Mostly dull and drab, the parallel door that remixed versions usually open was unyielding. Dave Gahan’s rough and rouge vocals don’t mix well with the tech/house monotonous drive.

Hourglass Remixes may appeal mostly to the dark-electro flirting with tech/house club-heads to serve best as background music while they’re getting ready to go out but not so much on the dance floor. Hourglass Remixes serves as a dulled effort to twist and twirl what the original releases had a wealth of. It is club-oriented music, saturated with mucho boring repetition that doesn’t launch you anywhere.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars