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Danger Doom - The Mouse and the Mask

Cartoon infused mash upů - Released on Epitaph/Ada, 10/11

Mash up messiah Danger Mouse teams up with independent hip hop star MF Doom in the irreverent and wacky, <i>The Mouse and the Mask</i>. The duo performed together a couple years ago and discovered a mutual affinity for "Adult Swim" cartoons such as "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Space Ghost".

Mouse and Doom's affinity for bizarre animation ultimately led to cartoon infused lyrics, audio samples from the shows, and ultimately the cartoon mash up concept album, <i>The Mouse and the Mask</i>. Mouse and Doom prove to be a potent combination in this catchy and infinitely listenable collaboration. Mouse's vibrant beats compliment Doom's mellow lyricism creating a multitude of infectious tracks.

Scattered throughout <i>The Mouse and the Mask</i> are hysterical voicemails from Master Shake (from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force") to Danger Mouse desperately trying to assert his creative will on the album. Shake becomes increasingly agitated throughout the album as Mouse continues to ignore his pleas. Space Ghost also makes a comical cameo in the latter stages of the album.

<i>The Mouse and the Mask</i> is one of the most unique albums released this year. It's mash up meets hip hop meets Saturday morning cartoon homage. If any of the aforementioned floats your boat, it's likely you'll get your groove on to <i>The Mouse and the Mask</i>.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars