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Dana Leslie Organics

Private, Pampering Rejuvenation

When you're in the mood for some quality TLC and self-pampering -- some solid "me" time -- you have several options for beautification: self-administration of treatments ranging from economical drugstore finds to pricey potions and concoctions, or visiting a salon or spa to be pampered by the experts. The second option does not have to default to forfeiture of the privacy and inner reflection of "me time", as you will find at Dana Leslie Organics.

Located within a holistic health care center in the Inner Richmond, Dana Leslie Sanchez's mind and body sanctuary is easy to miss; there are no clear markings to announce that you have arrived at Dana Leslie Organics, so have your eyes peeled for 399 Arguello. Upon ascending the stairs and getting past the lobby, you'll enter a light-filled room with a super comfortable looking recliner bed situated in the center. This is where the treatments take place.

Sink into the luxurious, cushioned chair in the second room for your consultation with Dana. I was getting my first facial. Since I have very sensitive skin, it was reassuring to learn that as the name suggests, Dana uses all organic products in her treatments. Éminence is her line of choice. This line of handmade organic skin care products is crafted in Hungary and the masques and cleansers are so fresh it's tempting to dip your finger in the jar for a lick.

After undressing in the privacy of the secluded back room, slip into the warm bed underneath a clean quilt and prepare to be rejuvenated. I received the marvelous Bliss Facial, which started with the Lemon Cleanser that smelled absolutely divine. Lemon is an antioxidant. Combined with herb oils, it preserves the moisture balance in the skin while gently cleansing in preparation for the next treatments: the Rosehip and Maize Exfoliating Masque and a Sweet Red Rose with Stone Crop Masque.

The stone crop plant regenerates and vitalizes skin while reducing pigmentation. This is applied after the extractions. The Rosehip Whip Moisturizer topped off my facial treatment, supplying my skin with Vitamins C and A.

Dana dilutes her treatments with green tea and pressed seaweed, which provide antioxidants while hydrating and maintaining mineral balance. She also uses heated aromatherapy towels that are fragrant but not overbearing, and above all -- soothing and therapeutic.

All of Dana's treatments include a brow or lip wax, followed by exfoliating treatment and gentle extractions of impurities from the skin. Two different masques are massaged into the skin and, while they are setting, Dana gives a scalp, hand and arm, and foot massage. This packs a luxurious, pampering rejuvenation into an efficient time frame. I must say- the facial alone already felt divine, and with massage added into the mix, one could easily get hooked on such pampering!

The best selling points of visiting Dana Leslie Organics were three-fold: the conscious use of organic, wholly natural products, the steam and massage combination, and the environment in which these treatments are administered. The gentle yet firm massage combined with trickling water fountains and soothing music -- that is relaxing and not too new-agey -- leave you feeling completely at ease and at peace.

In addition to facials, Dana also performs back treatments, oil of algae body scrubs, and various aroma facials and massages. She specializes in head massages and her head/neck/shoulder treatment is quite popular. Having been trained and educated at the Aveda Institute on top of being certified in cosmetology, Dana brings experiences in many arenas of beauty to the table and is more than happy to explain how her treatments and their ingredients are beneficial to your mind, body and spirit.

Pampering yourself feels so much more luxurious when you are the only one being attended to in a private space, and Dana really does it right with her urban retreat. You don't have to worry about chatter from other clients or wait to get your masque washed off while another client is getting hers applied. You can be as vociferous or as silently meditative as you wish. What you can be sure of when you visit Dana Leslie Organics, is a truly rejuvenating experience that will leave you rested yet invigorated, and sweet smelling.