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New Menswear Collection Debuts

Nestled in San Francisco's citadel of Gap-Levi-dom, a ground-level studio stands in the Mission with a simple black and white sign that reads "d.ROMERO". It is where David Romero, principal designer and founder, debuts his casual and elegant menswear line that sports a rugged edge.

David's architectural background translates into much of how he approaches his design. While many of us are preoccupied with the release of this year's summer attire, David's mindset is four to six months out. Similar to a building, the fall/winter collection comprises of many building blocks that are designed with attention to aesthetics and function.

For this fall, the look is rugged with updated references to the post-World War I era. Moreover d.ROMERO offers classic designs that are tailored so they not only give shape but to also allow movement.

One example is the Bomber Jacket, cut in golden brown shearling, which is accessorized with vintage brass parachute hardware and zipper arm cuffs to allow easy movement. The striped cashmere sweaters are slim cuts with side seam slits for casual mobility.

Other key pieces include the Toque Hood, a wool headpiece that resembles an aviator's headgear. It can be paired with the charcoal Gunner Cardigan, which is cut in Italian merino wool and adorned with leather buttons.

As in architecture, its design should compliment its environment. Similarly d.ROMERO's use of colors draws from its Northern California's surroundings, which include blues, grays, charcoals and orange.

The Aviator Pant comes in black wool with brown accents or brown wool with black accents. Other pant styles, which usually are low-rise straight leg cuts, come in not only staple khaki or basic black but also deep wine.

Much of the construction of d.ROMERO's pieces comes from quality materials that are sourced in Italy. The shirts are made of Italian or French cotton. Sweaters are knitted with 100 percent Italian cashmere and jackets are cut in pure Italian wool.

Alas there are stylish and smart options to those dress shirts that pitch like tents or those damnable cargo pants with way too many pockets. Luckily you won't have to wait for this fall to find smart and wearable pieces from d.ROMERO. The spring line has already hit the stores. d.ROMERO sells at Saks Fifth Avenue, Azalea and Rolo.