Cruz Control Designated Drivers

Anywhere, Santa Cruz, CA
+1 831.421.2429
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Cruz Control Designated Drivers is a great option for your next night out on the town.

1. Call (831) 421-2429 at least 30 minutes before you want to get picked up. When you call, please provide us with :
-Your Name
-Location of pick-up and drop-off
-Vehicle Make/Model/Color

(If not as soon as possible, then let us know WHEN you would like to be picked-up)

2. One of our drivers will either be dropped off or will arrive on a scooter that conveniently folds up into a bag that can be put in your trunk or back seat. (Fuel cut-off switch makes sure there will never be any spill within your vehicle.)

3. Our driver will then drive you to your destination(s). Once you arrive at your final destination, after keys are returned and payment is made, our driver will be picked up or will retrieve his scooter and be on his/her way.

Simple, efficient and no risk of a DUI.