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Commodore 69

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

A prolific DJ with many genres under his belt, itís no surprise DJ Commodore works under four names. Currently spinning the much-hyped genre of Computer Rock, his ear for an eclectic mix of talent shines through synthesizers and electro beats. Headlining events such as Popscene vs. Loaded and Trigger along with collaborating with Bay Area staples such as DJ Omar, Commodore 69 is full of fresh talent. Sharing with SF Station the essence of Computer Rock, he also takes some time to speak about his upcoming projects.

SF Station (SFS): For those of us who aren't familiar with Computer Rock, can you give us a general feel of what it encompasses?

Commodore 69 (C): Computer Rock encompasses all dance music from the 70s funk, soul, disco, to 80s, 90s & current electro, rap, rock, and pop. For instance one minute you are listening to Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam then AC/DC, and then the next track is Crookers or Santogold. It really depends on what the crowd is like. We have a core group of people who come out to Computer Rock and they are always up for good music.

SFS: What inspired you to go with this genre?

C: Computer RockÖ the name came from my DJ partner TrainRx. He saw an interview with an old skool graffiti artist and when asked what style the artist had, he said "My style is Computer Rock!"

SFS: How long have you been DJing?

C: I have been DJing for the last 15 years. I got my start in Seattle playing at raves with local stars like Donald Glaude, NAHA and Jacob London.

SFS: Tell us about some new stuff you've been working on.

C: Recently I have been working on Computer Rocks' 2-year anniversary with special guest DJ Omar from Popscene. Also I have been working in Coleco Studio with Jack Buser, making electro booty tech house under the name "Thrill$ N Grillz". Our latest tunes are called "Disco Inferno" and "Computer Sexxx". We are working on a three track EP at the moment and following that with a remix contest for one of those tunes.

SFS: So what are some of the clubs you frequent in the city?

C: The clubs I frequent at the moment are The Rickshaw Stop, Laszlo Bar, Mezzanine, The Knockout Bar, and 111 Minna.

SFS: What keeps you inspired and innovative?

C: Music inspires me. When I hear great music I feel moved to play it on large and loud sound systems. People keep me innovative because I see and hear what works on the dancefloor on a regular basis; if the people are not dancing then I am not doing a very good job. I always try to have fun whether I am playing for 10 people or 5,000.

SFS: What makes Popscene vs. Loaded such a fun party?

C: The combination of two mega nights. Popscene on Thursdays is the premier indie night club for 18 & 21+. They have been showcasing fresh and seasoned talent for over 10 years. The list of talent that has played for them is way too long to name here but you get the point. Loaded has been the premier first Friday of the month club night showcasing local and international live bands and kick-ass DJs for the last 5 years gaining respect as one of the hottest parties in the city. When you put the two of them together you get the hottest party in town period. The vibe is hot, the people are hot and everybody is dancing.

SFS: What is one DJ device you can't live without?

C: Music, music, music!

SFS: How long do you see yourself DJing for? Ever thought of doing this full time?

C: I see myself DJing for as long as people want to hear me play. I would absolutely love to be doing this full time again. I am one of the founding fathers of the drum & bass music scene in Seattle, and a member of the 360 BPM drum & bass crew. I go under the name DJ Nitsuj when I play drum ní bass. I also play hard techno & acid house under the name Doug Bradley. Commodore 69 is my current DJ name, and my new project name with Jack Buser is Thrill$ N Grillz. Lot's of names but different music under each one.

SFS: You seem to be involved in tons of projects, tell us a tidbit of the hectic that is your life.

C: I host a blog called Mix Tape Heroes where I post DJ mixes and flyers for parties that I am involved with ( I am involved with the TRIGGER collective as a promoter artist and DJ. I also DJ for fashion shows, private parties and art show openings. Computer Rock is every 3rd Tuesday at Laszlo Bar. No cover, starts at 9pm. And Loaded vs. Popscene is every 1st Friday of the month.

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