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Coldplay: X & Y

Cool as Ice

~ Released on Capital Records, 6.7.05 ~

With four Grammy awards under their belt since forming in 1998, Coldplay is already being compared to uber-band, U2. X&Y is Coldplay's third album to date and if initial response to the first single, "Speed of Sound" is any indication (#1 on all iTunes Music Stores worldwide one day after release), X & Y may very well garner Coldplay a few more Grammys.

Admittedly, the sound of X & Y is not radically different from Coldplay's previous efforts, but Coldplay's sound still resonates as strongly and as vividly as ever. Filled with raw, emotive lyrics that cover the challenges of coping with the death of loved ones ("Swallowed In The Sea"), righteous indignation ("Twisted Logic"), and a myriad of life's mysteries.

This is only fitting given the name of the album, X & Y. In the words of front man Chris Martin, "In mathematics, X and Y were always the answers, but in life no one knows. To me, the album is about those unanswerable questions, and what you should do about not being able to explain all the unknown variables."

Above all else, Coldplay's willingness to unabashedly confront the conundrums and complexities of life may be what resonates most for listeners. X & Y poses a myriad of opportunities to explore these questions and derive a modicum of comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone in your struggle to solve life's mysteries.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars