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Coffee and Cigarettes

Nic fit

Writer/Director extraordinaire Jim Jarmusch has a flare for peeking into people's conversations and unearthing the most delightful things. In his latest film Coffee and Cigarettes he enters the lives of an ensemble cast as they drink their coffee, smoke their cancer sticks and partake in wonderful existential conversations at various cafes and bars that mean nothing and everything all at the same time.

In a series of vignettes filmed over twenty years, the filmmaker pairs together seemingly disparate actors, musicians and other fabulous personalities to create the best marketing for the tobacco and coffee industry that I've seen to date. By the end of the film, you will actually crave caffeine and a smooth nicotine buzz even if the mere thought of cigarette smoke makes you nauseous.

Gems from the film include: a quirky Bill Murray getting medical advice from RZA and GZA (from the Wu-Tang); Cate Blanchett as herself meeting a bitter cousin, also played by herself; Alfred Molina presenting his discovery that he is indeed the long lost cousin of comedian Steve Coogan and Iggy Pop attempting friendly conversation with a hostile and paranoid Tom Waits.

Amidst the cream and the sugar and the matches, you'll discover the beauty of Opera, the mysteries of life and explore the concept of media/celebrity.