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Clothes and Accessories
Hidden and Found in Cow Hollow
By grace chen (Jul 26, 2007)
Tucked inside a blushing Queen Anne Victorian above street level and in a large bay window lays a creamy pink room with a cast iron bed strewn with a lace and pearl thong. Cast atop a nightstand lays a pink suede blindfold. Just beyond the bedroom, shelves of glittering private and demure pleasures beckon. Here, at IntimaGirl, we find an affair of intimate indulgences. More
Clothes and Accessories
More Choices than Just Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny and Yellow Polka-Dots
By Michelle Sieling (Jul 6, 2007)
While riding my bike a couple months ago down 18th Street, I spotted a bikini store on the left hand side of the street. I really couldn’t believe there was a bikini store in the Mission. Natives and visitors alike are well aware what kind of weather San Francisco is known for, and it’s not beach weather. More
Clothes and Accessories
Finding It in San Francisco
By grace chen (Jun 14, 2007)
No two dads are the same. Thus, finding that one gift to suit all dads is nearly impossible. I begin my search on the premise that San Francisco neighborhoods reflect shops that cater to certain types of people and hence types of dads. The sampling begins in the Haight. More
Clothes and Accessories
Don’t Cut Those Apron Strings
By Jialin Luh (May 4, 2007)
Housework can be sexy. Yes, you read that correctly. Recall, if you will, the scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy fantasizes about coming home to his lovely Veronica clad in nothing but an apron after a “hard day’s work” of keeping house? As the countdown to Mother’s Day continues, consider gifting the ladies in your life with a sassy apron or two. More
Clothes and Accessories
Tasteful Flair for Wear
By Jialin Luh (Apr 27, 2007)
The impending arrival of Mother’s Day may have you scratching your head for gift ideas. You’ve worn out the flower arrangements and already gone the spa gift certificate route (which, by the way, never really gets old). Of course, gifts are not necessary to express regard for those near and dear to you, but a thoughtful gift may serve as a touching reminder of appreciation. If the woman in your life finds joy in distinctive style, fine art and beauty in nature, you will want to explore the jewelry of local designer and craftsman John S. Brana. More
Clothes and Accessories
British Fashion Queen Then & Now
By grace chen (Apr 12, 2007)
A designer who can understand punk and proper Saville Row suiting deserves a crown. Let that queen of fashion be Vivienne Westwood. Through June 10th, the de Young Museum presents a 30-plus-year retrospective of Ms. Westwood’s iconic looks that start with bondage latex suits and anarchy themed shirts in the 70s to 21st century tailored gowns cut in intriguing proportions and mixed materials. More
Clothes and Accessories
A Sports Boutique For People Who Don't Necessarily Like Sports
By Helene Goupil (Mar 1, 2007)
The Lower Haight is a hip shopping destination in the making -- in the last year, new stores have popped up on Haight Street turning this cheap eats and cheap drinks neighborhood into a serious retail area. The newest kid on the block is D-Structure, a clothing, ski/skate gear and accessories store that opened its doors in late 2006, taking over the space used by a futon furniture store. More
Clothes and Accessories
Glam Couture in the USA
By grace chen (Feb 1, 2007)
Couture made in the Glamorous USA? I thought real couture came from Paris! Not so, as the phenomenon of Juicy Couture has erupted and spreads from Pacoima, California to every major fashion capital around the world. San Francisco hits the radar in a very big way with not only two stores in Union Square, but also the largest flagship store in the US. More
Clothes and Accessories
Global Garments
By Helene Goupil (Dec 29, 2006)
Too broke to buy a plane ticket for a shopping spree in Southeast Asia? You’re in luck. We’ve picked stores that let you stock up on cool clothes and accessories from Thailand and India without going in the red. More
Clothes and Accessories
Lingerie, Passionately
By Jialin Luh (Dec 7, 2006)
It’s no secret that lingerie can work wonders in the bedroom, but quality, beautiful undergarments are also essential to the confident, self-indulging woman’s wardrobe. Nafissa Tayebi’s A La Folie serves up delicious concoctions in silks and laces that cover the spectrum from innocent to sizzling; prepare to be enamored. Though A La Folie is across the bridge in Berkeley’s Fourth Street shopping district, the splendors that beckon should inspire a field trip for women who are tired of shopping for lingerie under the stony airbrushed stares of Adriana Lima and Giselle Bundchen. More
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