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Clothes and Accessories
Don't be a Costume Clone
By Jialin Luh (Oct 23, 2009)
This Halloween, rather than purchasing that cheesy costume-in-a-bag, take the originality route. It’s easy in San Francisco. More
Clothes and Accessories
Spice + Nice
By Jialin Luh (Oct 16, 2009)
Shotwell may seem like an odd name for a shop on Grant between Banana Republic and Chinatown, but it’s no mystery the young establishment already has a loyal following. With a refreshing mix of vintage and edgy international and local designers, consider Shotwell a prerequisite for the discerning style maven looking for something spicier than an outfit ripped out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. More
Clothes and Accessories
Magical Outpost in the Mission
By grace chen (Aug 21, 2009)
The sun pours into the Mission when the fog lifts in San Francisco. The warmth draws people onto the streets to wait in line for salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery or to bask on the lawn at Dolores Park. Slightly off the main drag is Gravel & Gold, tucked on the corner of Lexington and 21st, providing a cool retreat from the heat and crowd. More
Clothes and Accessories
The Union Between Vintage and Designer
By Saira Masood (Aug 6, 2009)
On the corner of Van Ness and Sutter, amongst the row of car dealerships sits, American Rag, a pillar in San Francisco fashion. Three electric blue “American Rag” signs light up the large white building. More
Clothes and Accessories
A Splurge in the Sunset
By Saira Masood (Jul 16, 2009)
In San Francisco, we pride ourselves on having style that doesn’t cost a month’s rent and looks artfully put together. However, there are occasions that we like to splurge. When that moment comes, a good place to try is Alaya, on 9th and Irving. More
Clothes and Accessories
Changing the Fashion Code
By Michelle Sieling (Jun 26, 2009)
Indulging your fashion desires can seem frivolous in a down economy, unless you’re making your own clothes or shopping second hand. But if you can still afford it, there are events like weddings, anniversaries, or snazzy shindigs that might warrant a brand new dress. More
Clothes and Accessories
Designers at Non-Designer Prices
By grace chen (Jun 5, 2009)
Bounding off the J-train onto the stretch of 24th Street, I hunt for the place coming up as the new gem boutique in Noe Valley: it’s called Cary Lane and it’s teeming with fresh inventory from au courant designers at non-designer prices. More
Clothes and Accessories
Fresh Air for Fashion
By SFS Staff (May 22, 2009)
Finding gems in a city like San Francisco is easy. There is always a new coffee shop and café to try or in this case a new boutique to explore. The Inner Sunset is filled with great independently owned shops, but this one takes the cake. Not only is it affordable, it is unique. More
Clothes and Accessories
Do Not Pass Go
By Michelle Sieling (May 15, 2009)
I’m not going to lie -- I’m a geek for Gama-Go. I’ve been waiting for Gama-Go’s first retail store to open for quite a while. Rarely do I get this excited about a new store, but when they confirmed they were opening a retail space in SOMA on 8th Street at Folsom just downstairs from their old warehouse space, I couldn’t wait to get there. More
Clothes and Accessories
It’s a Wrap
By grace chen (Apr 24, 2009)
Body wraps at one point meant Ace bandages or plastic wrap to induce weight loss. Under French fashion house Hervé Legér, body wraps have been redefined. Hervé Léger’s wraps are sexy bandage dresses that literally strap and band strips of fabric onto female forms -- not made for those with claustrophobia, and on the luxe rather than budget end of the spectrum. More
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