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At The Independent

Born in the Bronx and bred in Virginia, hip hop duo Clipse brings their raucous rhyming style to SF’s Independent. Download geeks and hip hop heads alike can recall the early 90s hit “Grindin”, where they first made their mark as hip hop’s “meanest, smartest hip hop duo”, followed by a hugely popular “We Got the Remix” mixed tape project.

After a long, drawn-out battle with ex-labelmates Jive records, who deemed them not “pop” enough to encourage the release of their album Hell Hath No Fury, Clipse has come back with guns blazing. Their live shows are not to be missed, even if they did refer to the SF crowd as Seattle when they played here last.

In “Hell”, Thornton brothers Malice and Pusha-T demonstrate the grit and grime of street music at its finest. Clipse’s lyrics shine light on the everyday stints of street hustlers, where “Keys open doors” and “Damn dirty money know how to treat the girls.” Accompanied by the minimal, futuristic sounds of fellow collaborators and beatmakers, The Neptunes, Clipse manages to maintain their image as a singular, self-contained phenomenon in the industry.

Perhaps it’s their aggressive, at times even downright sinister, lyrics combined with light, almost cheery, percussion that sets these boys apart, or maybe it’s because they’re from Virginia. Either way, Clipse makes way for a new era of hip hop, not easily categorized and a bit harder to digest, where selling drugs and getting ho’s ain’t just for show, but a lucrative rite of passage.

at The Independent, Sept 9th
doors 8:30pm, show 9pm
tickets: $25