City of San Jose - Transportation

San Jose, CA
(408) 794-6216
City, School
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Nascop-Photo Radar
Traffic Management - Wide Load Transportation Permits
Streets - Street Closures Permit San Jose P D
Traffic Management - Traffic Signals - Repair
Streets - Street Sweeping
Traffic Management - Arena Traffic & Parking Information
Crosswalks Maintenance
Parking Information - Meter Hood Rentals
Trees - Street Trees - Trimming Permit
Sidewalks - Inspection and Repairs
Parking Information - Lots & Garages
Storm Drains - Drainage Problems
Traffic Management - Barricades
Traffic Management - Traffic Data Requests
Guard Rail Maintenance
Streets - Street Striping Marking and Signing Requests
Trees - Street Trees - Visibility Obstructions
Sidewalks - Sidewalk Curb Gutter Replacement Permit
Director's Office
Traffic Management - Disabled Parking Requests
Traffic Management - Traffic Signals - Traffic Signs
Traffic Management - Bicycle-Pedestrian Program
Crosswalks Requests
Trees - Street Trees - Hazardous Conditions
Traffic Management - School Safety
Sewer Services - Flooding-Hazardous Street Conditions
Traffic Management - Tow Away Signs & Permits - Construction
Custodian of Records
Trees - Street Trees - Removal Permit
Traffic Management - Pedestrian Coordination
Traffic Management - Traffic Signals - Operations-Timing
Sewer Services - Sewer Drainage Problems
Traffic Management - Traffic Investigations-Program Engineering
Parking Information - Disabled Parking Requests
Traffic Management - Tow Away Signs & Permits - Special Events
Storm Drains - Flooding-Hazardous Street Conditions
Traffic Management - Traffic Signals - Requests
Parking Information - Meters Complaints & Repairs
Wheelchair Curb-Ramp Requests
Traffic Management - Visibility Problems
Streets - Street Light Repairs
Streets - Street Markings Maintenance
Traffic Safety
Streets - Street Pavement Repairs & Maintenance
Traffic Safety - Crossing Guard Requests
Parking Information - On Street-Residential
Bike-Ped Coordinator
Flooding Hazardous Street Conditions
Transportation Planning and Project Delivery
Traffic Management - Street Striping Requests
Streets - Street Banners