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Noodles with Worries
By Chris Ellis (Sep 12, 2007)
Our city is filled with oddities. The varied people and places, the strange and beautiful alike, are all what make San Francisco unlike any other city in the world. Scotland-based artist David Shrigley has a made a career out of finding the beauty in this kind of dichotomy. His writing and drawings do not focus on any one subject matter but on people and situations that are oft overlooked or ignored. His latest work, [b]Worried Noodles[/b], is a songbook that’s being re-released but this time with music. Shrigley has many admirers in the music world, all of whom came together to help make this a truly unique compilation. More »
The Evolution of a Festival
By Chris Ellis (Jul 20, 2007)
Get out your sunglasses, charge the iPod and fill up the hybrid tank! The 2007 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is fast approaching and for the first time ever in the nine-year history of the festival, an additional third day of phenomenal acts has been added. More »
Released on Milon Records, 6/5/07
By Chris Ellis (Jul 20, 2007)
Tapping into a range of signals from far out funky electronic folk beats to spacey jazz to indie pop, [b]From L.A. With Love[/b] presents a fresh mix of new tunes from SoCal's emerging new music scene. The cd includes individual works of art created to match each of the 17 songs -- all independent musicians and artists who have previously worked in some shape or form with Andrew Lojero. More »
A Year Of Comedic Diversity
By Chris Ellis (May 21, 2007)
As a fellow San Franciscan, my night often involves a journey out to find a small local club or bar with the expectation of finding something unique, personal and familiar. You know, something that has the word "San Francisco" in it. We are a savvy bunch, but love it when we're given a chance to shout out when our names are being called on the microphone. What better way to promote SF spirit than to award yourself with copious amounts of sketch comedy, candid conversations with famous people, and weird happenings at this year's 5th annual SF Sketchfest. More »
Even Darker Pop -- Released on 5RC, July 12th
By Chris Ellis (Feb 12, 2007)
It would seem Jamie Stewart could have decided that after some rave reviews of his last "Fabulous Muscles", perhaps most notably from Art Forum, he might make the shift so many noticed musicians make. La Foret, however, isn't an album packaged around superficial messages of hipness or the 'it' sound. Stewart takes the listener for an intelligent chap; someone who will hear the music above all else and see what time will have to say about it. More »
A conversation with Jack Johnson
By Chris Ellis (Sep 11, 2006)
People who have met Johnson in the past must have noticed his humble manner and how it flows into his music. This is where he accomplishes a signature whisper of hope directed towards a great many people and also a select few. More »
I don’t hide behind anything
By Chris Ellis (Sep 05, 2006)
You wouldn't think a quintessential 80s singer could have started his career as late as 2004. The one man band Ethan Marunas aka Baby Dayliner owes a lot to artists who actually made music during the neon period, think New Order, David Bowie and others. He honors these pillars of 80s synth and pop on his second release, [b]Critics Pass Away[/b]. His honest, intelligent and sometimes humorous lyrics are truly one of a kind. We had a chance to chat with Ethan via email to find out more about what fans should expect from his upcoming show. More »
Remixed and Ready to Go
By Chris Ellis (Aug 22, 2006)
There are many kinds of DJs in the world. Paul van Dyk selling out to crowds of thousands anticipating dance music in its pure form, the ritualistic Chicken Dance DJ at your friends' wedding reception, and then there are the hundreds if not thousands of DJs who simply play music back to back on the radio every day. But there is also a DJ who redefines the meaning of the title by using the turntable as an instrument rather than simply a music player. DJ Krush is this kind of DJ. More »
Released on Witchita, September 26th
By Chris Ellis (Aug 23, 2005)
It's no wonder Marc Bianchi, aka Her Space Holiday, has been given the opportunity to work with the likes of Bright Eyes, American Analog Set, REM, The Faint and others. This album represents a fun and reflective side of a man who has the ability to put you into a momentary state of bliss. More »
Released on eenie meenie, September 20th
By Chris Ellis (Aug 23, 2005)
In a strange way the first track "Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs" sounds a bit similar to The Killers without the punchy emo vocals and a bit more...Cali. Oranger fills the bulk of this album with honest songs about realizations that come after breakups. There is a rugged beauty about each song that is polished over by playful synthesizer hammering. More »
Chris Ellis's Articles
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