Charlene and DTO

16765 Gable Drive, San Francisco, CA
+1 530.867.0894
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Sun - Sat (12am - 12am)
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Charlene and DTO


QUESTION: What do Stevie Wonder, M.C. Hammer, The Platters, The Dazz

Band, The Drifters, ConFunkShun, Joss Stone and Milli Vanilli all have in


Give up?

ANSWER: Charlene and DTO. Everyone is looking for the next big thing. Well

the above mentioned superstars were fortunate enough to have performed with

the next big thing! Charlene and DTO is a dazzling ensemble with not just a BIG

lineup of 3 to 26 seasoned musicians, and dancers, but a powerhouse team of

entertainers that can send you diving head first onto the dance floor. Charlene

and DTO’s band mates talent and experiences have allowed them to perform on

numerous high profile engagements. Including PBS, Sinbad's Soul Music

Festival (HBO), The Arsenio Hall Show (Fox Network), and CNN. How's that

for experience? Charlene and DTO give you options for an energized show. The

band offers various sized ensembles to fit small to large budgets. Complete with

elaborate costume changes, dancers, and special effects. Charlene and DTO

covers the hits of yesterday and today. I am sure you will decide to have the

D.T.O. perform at your next corporate event, wedding, party or festival. You name

the event, they can supply the excitement. This band comes self-contained with

sound, lights, production crew and even DJ music for the intermissions!

Charlene and DTO