Ceramic Art Tiles By Stephen Hearne

Cabrillo Highway at Pacifica Beach, Pacifica, CA
+1 216.769.4511
Ceramic Art Tiles By Stephen Hearne Website
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Online image gallery of bisque ceramic art tile creations by artist Stephen Hearne. Includes his "coke box murals", tile murals, framed tiles, pavers and abstracts. "My work consists of brightly glazed ceramic tiles. I use terracotta clay to add richness to the colors and wax-lines to provide a crisp separation between colors. The glazes are bulbed on in order to produce a thick, even, glossy surface. My tiles are displayed in a number of ways. I arrange tile murals inside of vintage wooden Coca-Cola crates and add a found object. These pieces engage the observer to find the relationship between the object and the mural. I also create traditional tile murals, framed single tiles, and pavers. Following the belief that people like something familiar presented in a new way, I design tiles that are simple yet striking enough to evoke feeling."