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Casa de los Babys

What director John Sayles does best is present to you very complicated ideas through inter-connected narratives without any easy explanations or neat and tidy endings. Life isn't neat and neither are his films. An all-star ensemble cast in which each and every single actor nails their role: Lili Taylor, Rita Moreno, Daryl Hannah, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Marcia Gay Harden, Mary Steenburgen and Susan Lynch, brings the story to life. Six white women, only one of whom can actually speak Spanish, travel to an unidentified Latin country to adopt babies (as one of the locals quips, "One of our greatest exports"). Due to some bureaucratic scheme, they are forced to stay there, all together in a hotel like some kind of bizarre summer camp, for an average of two to three months while their paperwork is processed. As the days go by, under the pressure of living in a foreign country and on the verge of motherhood, the women ("yanquis") fall to vicious gossip as they wile away their days blind to the socio-economic-cultural differences of the country and peoples surrounding them.