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CARAL's S*L*A*M! for Choice

Raise Your Voice for Reproductive Rights

Billed as a "Poetry Extravaganza about Sex, Abortion, Politics, Feminism, Young Women and Our Choices," S*L*A*M! for Choice is sponsored by the California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (CARAL), an excellent nonprofit organization that defends women's reproductive rights.

The event, taking place at the Mission's famed Women's Building, will feature poetic evidence of a host of poignant and arresting life issues facing young people, including sexually transmitted disease, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, abuse and the frightening possibility that their right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy may actually be taken away from them. By educating young men and women about current legislation, CARAL surely hopes to educate young people about legal issues facing them in the next few years, and to recruit volunteers to help stop new legislation from passing.

A semi-open mic for people under 25 years old, interested readers are encouraged to submit to CARAL's event planning committee one to three sample pieces with a short description of their poetic issues, themes and style. From these submissions, everyone with "relevant material" will be encouraged to perform at what could be a colossal poetry event -- CARAL is also looking for young people to participate on the selection committee.

For information about submitting, volunteering or attending, call 415.334.1502 or email CARAL.

S*L*A*M! for Choice
Thursday, Jan 31st @ 7:30 pm
The Women's Building
3543 18th Street, San Francisco
$5-15 advance, $7-17 door