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An Eclectic Mix

Calexico appears to be stealing a page out of Ryan Adams' book in releasing their second album, Garden Ruin, in scarcely five months. While Calexico's December 2005 album, The Book and the Canal was an eclectic mix of live material, low fi recordings, and new studio recordings, Garden Ruin is a full length studio album of new material. With nearly a decade under their belts, Calexico has managed to acquire a solid following with a sound that amalgamates jazz, folk, country, mariachi, and a plethora of genres in between.

This reluctance to craft songs that adhere strictly to one particular genre is both a curse and a blessing for Calexico. While Calexico's reluctance to commit to a particular genre or style limits their commercial viability to a certain degree, it is also reflective of their broad musical abilities. You're bound to find at least a few tracks on a Calexico album that provide a sound that will resonate for you.

Even the artists Calexico has collaborated with reflect the extent of their musical talents. Nancy Sinatra, Neko Case, Wilco, and Lyle Lovett are but a few of the talented artists who have partnered with Calexico. Calexico has even made a foray into the world of film with Michael Mann's Collateral.

While Calexico clearly revels in creating music that fuses multiple genres, there is a distinctively languid, Southwestern flavor to much of their music. Calexico's sound may ultimately be best enjoyed with a fresh bowl of guacamole, a few shots of tequila, and a warm, dry evening around dusk.

A dry, warm evening is hard to come by in San Francisco, but you can still throw back some tequila and enjoy the southwestern infused sounds of Calexico this Sunday. Not a bad way to end a weekend or start a week.

Calexico will be playing in San Francisco on January.29 at The Make Out room. Shows at 7pm & 10pm.