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Buzz Pizzeria Roundup

Something Old, Something New, and Something in Between

The topic of pizza in San Francisco is fodder for heated dispute, opinions often defended with the kind of fervor usually reserved for a Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles-type debate. Wherever you might stand on the matter, the names thrown in the ring are often the same.

After kneading through a fervent pizza-making kick on the home front, we trooped out to a few buzz spots: one oldie we'd always heard about, Za; the super-hyped new location of Pizzeria Delfina at California and Fillmore; and the seemingly well-kept little secret spot, Piccino, over in Dogpatch.

Russian Hill Regular: Za Pizza
Za Pizza is everything you’d expect from a neighborhood pizza joint: the atmosphere is casual and low-key, the people friendly, and there’s free delivery to boot. All in all, it is not a pizza worth traveling across town for, but if you’re in the neighborhood -- and in the mood for pizza -- certainly stop in for a slice. Your mind won’t be blown, but neither will your budget, which is a bonus for dining in this neighborhood. More

Chic New Address: Pizzeria Delfina - Pacific Heights
Upon hearing that a new Pizzeria Delfina opened in Lower Pac Heights in September 2008, we were immediately curious: would the new Pizzeria Delfina be as good? Since opening on 18th street in 2005, Pizzeria Delfina has quickly cemented its status as a Mission destination for exceptional Neapolitan-style pizza. This should come as no surprise -- Delfina Restaurant, next door, is the much-applauded and awarded culinary powerhouse from Anne and Craig Stoll. More

A Growing Following: Piccino
True to its name (“tiny” in Italian), Piccino has occupied a mere 700 square feet on the corner of a quiet and unassuming street in the Dogpatch district since late 2006. The joint venture of Sheryl Rogat (who spent time at Pizzetta 211) and Margherita Stewart-Sagan (a partner in Hayes Valley’s Blue Bottle kiosk) is a casual and cheerful neighborhood spot with a foodie-friendly menu that's fresh, simple, and unfussy. More