Burning Man Decompression - Black Top City

Event has passed (Sat Oct 14, 2017 - Sat Oct 14, 2017)
Pier 70
$25 - $35
Art, Clubs


San Francisco Decompression 2017: Black Top City!
Saturday October 14th (new date this year, and yes, Saturday!)
Pier 70, 22nd & Illinois St, San Francisco (map)
Event runs 2:00pm-4:00am
All Ages welcome!
Tickets $25-30 advance, $35 door
Kids under 12 free!
Food & beverages available with a portion of food proceeds benefitting art. Eat for art!

Mass Transit: Near the T-Line on 3 rd St. and near major bus lines #22 & #48
Bike Parking: 22nd St & Illinois
Rideshare: Illinois between 20th & 22nd ; Taxi Stand: Illinois between 22nd & 23rd

Bring the spirit and imagination of Black Rock City to the Bay and help create: “Black Top City” — an urban version of Burning Man in the historic Pier 70 buildings and surrounding lots. Together our community will create a microcosm of BRC – blocks, camps, inner- and deep-playa filled with art and performance – in a black-top setting at this brand new location. We’ll have extra setup and strike time, so together we are going to be able to take the art and theme camp participation to the next level!


Friends and Burners,

While we are very excited to Decompress with all of you this Saturday, members of our Community in the North Bay have been experiencing devastating fires and many folks have lost everything but their lives.

Three groups of Burners will be collecting specific supplies at the gate. We ask any clothing or bedding be clean/folded or new, and please only bring items detailed below. Items not specifically requested may not be accepted.

Skinny Kitty - Looking for spare clothing (shirts, pants, socks, shoes, new underwear) for adults and children, canned food, blankets, pillows, and toys for the children.

Kazbah - Looking for socks, boxers, tote bags, potatoes, onions, blankets, sleeping bags, & pillow.

Burners Without Borders - Details here: http://bit.ly/2wUkO0d



Art & Art on Fire:
Beatboxer, Body Paint, Booth of Booths, Burning Man 3D Lenticular Prints, Carousel Candeo, CBT The Lucy Booth Project, Chinese Beyond Borders, Cirque d’Reflections, Conversations I Wish I Had, Daruma, Dia de los Muertos Piano, Deities of Yesteryear, Fire Inside Art, Galactus, Galerie d’Art Cher, Geotriptych, Glowwind Sculptures, Goddess / Third Eye Painting, Gummy Bear Pyramid, In the Line of Fire, Infinite Bloom, Kinetic MerKaBa Vehicle, Laboratory of Hallucinations, Le Attrata, LED Couches, Mezmerize, Mobile Resource Unit (BWB), Mystic Flyer LED Panels, Reverence, Shrine of Dough, SearchLights + Rainbow Gyro, Shrunken Heads, The Birthing Canal, The Bridge and The Cage, The Hypnosphere, The Luster Cluster, The Mumblewaze, The Sacred Order of the Cats Eye Nebula, The ZOA, Watercolors of BM2017, Gallery of Burning Man Art, and MORE!

Theme Camps & More:
Above the Limit, And Then There's Only Love, Black Rock Beacon, Black Rock Explorers, Black Rock Observatory, Black Rock Rangers, BRC3PO, Burners Without Borders, Burning Man DPW, Camp Beaverton, Camp Orange Banana Stand, CLITS-Cover Logos If They Show, Discovery, DPW/ DPW Karaoke, Eggs Bar, Everywhere, Flowtopia, The Golden Guy, Hardly, Hookahdome, Kidsville, The Love and Meditation Dome, Mad Max Model Extravaganza, Naked Espresso, Pancake Playhouse, Playa Info, PlayaTerps, Porta Party Pizza, Sextant Camp Tesla Coils, Shantitown Pizza Training, Sketchy Camp, Skinny Kitty Tea House, The Everywhere Pavilion, SK8 Kamp, Sun Guardians: Sun G's Teas, Unicorner, Volunteer Resource Team, Yummy RUMinations

Sound Camps & Vehicles:
Airpusher, Black Rock Roller Disco, BMIR-FM, DPW Karaoke, Dusty Rhino, Fuckin’ Yay Camp, Kindred Spirit, MagnusFlora, Opulent Temple, queerFACES, The Bounce Car, The Kazbah, Zero dB

Mutant Vehicles:
Bahamut, Dawnstar Space Bus, Kissy Fish and Mello Mtneers, Hermie the Crab, Landau the Dragon, Nasha Lodka, Quesadillo, Sofamatic, Space Kraken, The Game Train, The Gifting Zephyr, The Playa Crawler

Performances By:
Ali Khalili (The KASBAH), Amanda Gerstle (Bounce), Amber Leigh (MagnusFlora), Anycha, Babs (Fuckin’ YAY!), Ashley Ames (Opulent Temple), Beya (Polyglamorous), BWB (Kindred Spirit), Chris Jaramillo (TekFreaks), Collin Bass (Dad Rave), Craft, CWills (Kindred Spirit), Daniel Boyer (Bounce), Dave Kim, David Wayman (BAAAHS), DJ Axel Holmes, DJMK (Dusty Rhino), DJ Bimes, DJ Cheese, Dj Dane (Dusty Rhino), DJ Danimal, DJ Rundown, DJ Taylor Wolfsen, Dodley (Kindred Spirit), Dusty Carter (The KASBAH), Elizabeth Ann (The KASBAH), Eunuchorn (Kindred Spirit), Funkhauser, Glitter Ranch Butt Darts Society, Gooferman, Grammar (Opulent Temple), Hologram, House of Inanna Belly Dance, Jacie (Fuckin’ YAY!), Jason Godfrey, Jeff Mcdermott (The KASBAH), Jeff Taishch (TekFreaks), Jill McDonald, John Halloran (The KASBAH), Kelly Naughton (BAAAHS / D.A.D.), Lawson Terrell (The KASBAH), Liquid Love, Luis Reader (The KASBAH), Lucho (Fuckin’ YAY!), Manitou (Kindred Spirit), Michael Romano (Otterbots), Mystr Hatchet (Dusty Rhino), No Rush, NOVA, NYCTEA, Nugz (Dusty Rhino), OOPUS, Phil Plastitina (Dancetronauts), Ronin, Shahid Buttar, Somnia, Sophia Prize, Steve Ward Moore, STRGD, Sychosis, Syd Gris (Opulent Temple), The Long Way, The Mule, The Playa Players Collective, The Quart of Blood Technique, Traaven (GlamCocks), Trapeze, Trever Pearson (Comfort & Joy), UdoU, Vacation, Varona, Victor Crulich, Willie SaySo, Wolverine, Yama… and MORE!


Bring your extraordinary self, dress to express, and please help out by doing these 7 things:

Arrive early! Enjoy the full event and help keep lines short and moving.
Bike or take mass transit – avoid driving on Illinois Street.
Respect our neighbors. No loud noises. Don’t block driveways. Use OUR toilets.
NO boomboxes, renegade sound systems, or fire.
NEW THIS YEAR: No outside beverages are permitted at Pier 70, don’t bring ’em in!
Leave no trace! Pack out all the trash you bring in & help sort any litter you see.
Come back Sunday at 11am to help with our neighborhood cleanup.
BYO empty water bottle for the free water bars.


  1. Pier 70 420 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA