New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival

As one of the nation’s oldest and most well-loved festivals, Bumbershoot has become a cultural institution. Launched in 1971 at the Seattle Center, the festival is held every Labor Day weekend.

Bumbershoot (named for a colloquial term that joins the words “umbrella” and “parachute") began as a city funded project that sought to lift people’s spirits during an economic depression. In its first year, Bumbershoot featured a myriad of spectacles, including dance, theater, folk music, arts and crafts, art cars, body painting, a Miss Hot Pants Contest, amateur motorcycle races, and light shows.

Today, Bumbershoot offers a similar mix of music theater, literary arts, visual arts, hands-on activities, food, merchandise, and also hosts a number of urban craft vendors.

Who You’ll See

Bumbershoot will be hosting a long list of performers, including indie/alternative musicians, comedians—and even visual artists, poets and writers.