Build Your Fortune in the 5th Era

Thu Oct 5
San Francisco
06:00 PM
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The Internet didn't even exist 30 years ago, and now billions of people are connected to the web every day, and remarkable new technologies are being invented every day that will dramatically change the way humans exist on our planet.
This emerging playing field is not well understood and not everyone who was successful in the past will be able to benefit from this momentous shift. In Build Your Fortune in the Fifth Era, Silicon Valley insider/co-author Matthew C. Le Merle provides insights, based on 30 years of leading, investing in and advising new technology companies, on the rules of this game, and outline options for how people can participate and prosper in the coming Fifth Era.

What you’ll learn:

Understanding this Age of Unprecedented Change. A time of transition to a new age unlike anything we have experienced before.

Discover the Greatest Wealth Creation Opportunity Ever. Every industry is being transformed and wealth is shifting to new disruptive players and those who back them.

Explore 9 Options to Build Your Fortune. The nine options to build your fortune and prosper in an age of unprecedented innovation

You should attend if you’re interested in:

Looking on how to drive and benefit from emerging digital value propositions

Looking for ways to build your fortune and new ways of raising capital.

Learning from an experienced investor, advisor, and board director

Looking to avoid any hazardous undertaking in regards to investing in a young company

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More about the speaker:

Matthew is an expert on digitization having advised leading technology companies including eBay, Google, HP, Microsoft and PayPal on how to drive and benefit from emerging digital value propositions. He is a Managing Partner of Keiretsu Capital and the co-founder of Fifth Era. 
Matthew is Board Director of the Bay Area Council, Trustee of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, Member of the Academy for Interactive Arts and Sciences and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He was appointed to the Governor of California’s China Delegation in 2010 and to the Governor’s Life Sciences Council in 2005. He is also Chairman of the Advisory Board of Shanshan, one of China’s largest companies. 
He has provided sovereign advice regarding innovation and regional economic development to the governments of China, Germany, Ireland, Korea, UK, USA and the EU and to the states of California, Massachusetts, North Carolina among others. His career has spanned being a global strategy advisor, professional services firm leader, a corporate operating executive, a private equity investor, and board director for high growth public and private digital economy companies.
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