Brush Creek Montessori School

1569 Brush Creek Rd, Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 539-7980
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Sun - Sat (8AM - 5 PM)
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Founded in 1973, Brush Creek Montessori School is a private school based on the principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori about a century ago in Europe. These principals of teaching are now found in virtually every country in the world and apply at every level of a Montessori education.
At Brush Creek Montessori School your child will enter into and be part of a caring community that promotes curiosity, initiative, independence, and a love of learning. A Montessori education provides your child with an integrated, individualized, and academically challenging program that meets his/her changing developmental needs from year to year.
As a Montessori school, our curriculum is an individualized approach to learning. We place particular emphasis on character development and skills for lifelong learning.
The role of the Montessori teacher requires a broad educational background, knowledge of human development and mastery of the Montessori Method signified by the Montessori Diploma from an accredited institution.
Brush Creek Montessori School consists of two Primary classes for children ages 3 - 6, a Lower Elementary class for children ages 6 - 9, and an Upper Elementary class for children ages 9 - 12. The school is located on about three acres of country property rich in plant and animal life. Open spaces are used for play, gardens, special events, and outdoor teaching.
Brush Creek Montessori School is a not-for-profit corporation overseen by a Board of Directors. The Head of School is responsible for academic and administrative supervision. The head teacher of each class holds a Montessori teaching credential. The school is an intern site for Montessori trainees, who sometimes serve as classroom assistants, and is recognized by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Academic Excellence.
Brush Creek Montessori School follows the calendar of the City of the Santa Rosa School District. Childcare is available before and after class. Please call our office to schedule a Class Observation and School Tour. -