Bring Your Own Big Wheel (BYOBW)

Event has passed (Sun Mar 31, 2013 - Sun Mar 27, 2016)
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It's hard to believe it's BYOBW Sweet 16, but here we are! From Jon Brumit's handful of friends careening down Lombard to over a thousand of you crazy kids rolling on Vermont Street, thank you for helping us keep this event family friendly, free to those who need it and blissfully void of corporate advertising. As of a week before the event we are still short approximately $2296 for hay bales and potties so please remember to donate if you can. The Paypal button is on our website.


FIRST AND MIDDLE HEATS FOR KIDS. We will add to the usual 1st lap for kids only by adding a 2nd run for kids only at 5pm, in the middle of the 4-6 racing time. We'll need all of your cooperation to make this happen. That means clearing the street and being patient while the smaller humans have their second run.

NO METAL SPOKES, PEGS OR PIECES OF METAL STICKING OUT OF YOUR RIG. If you have metal spokes or pegs you will be asked to tape them up, which is a pain in the butt to do. Plan accordingly.

This event is all about making a fool out of yourself on a child's plastic wheeled toy, not accidentally slicing or impaling your fellow riders.

Basic info about this event (also read our FAQ page):

*Where and when is the event this year? The same place and time it always is: Easter Sunday, 4-6pm. REGISTER IN ADVANCE and LEAVE NO TRACE.

*BYOBW's city permits mandate a NO SMOKING EVENT. We have to tell you that as well as post signs. There will be Park Rangers and SFPD on site.

*ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED. Drink after please, not at our event.

*CLEAN UP: you riders sure are messy. We aren't your mom. For all that is holy HELP PICK UP AFTER THE EVENT. We do not want your leftover anything. You trike carnage and snack detritus takes a long time to clean up. We've been doing it every year because we respect the gracious Potrero Hill neighborhood. You should too.

See ya'll Sunday, Sunday Sunday!



  1. BYOBW Location
    20th Street at Vermont, San Francisco, CA