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Brightblack Morning Light – S/T

Released on Matador, 6/20/06

Brightblack Morning Light make me believe in summer again. They are the heat, they are the light, and they are the way. There could be nothing as soothing as the voice of singer Nathan Shineywater and his whisper-wails, heavy with reverb, and yet somehow shallow, as if tinned for mass-market.

Through this is intertwined the loveliness of fellow founder Rachel Hughes’ vocal harmonies, floating right above the steady flow of music, laying the pathway to righteousness. The songs are like hymns, and accordingly possess a good deal of spirituality in their nature and character. They are soulful chants wrapped in lounge-like rhythms with a dreaminess to make Yo LaTengo proud.

The pair wrote this album while living in tents in Northern California, homeless and newly arrived from Alabama. Perhaps this is where emptiness and haunting enter the scene, droning patterns and lonely endlessness. At times even hopelessness, though forgivable, overtakes and an element of panic sets in. But fear not, this too will pass, and you are left once again, basking in the light of truth. Brightblack Morning Light are true lovers of life and light, earth and sky. Get used to their presence and give in to the daylight.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars