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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Very Close to the Edge Indeed

Dear diary, tonight I had to go see an annoying movie about an insufferable woman named Bridget Jones. Her sole goal in life was to land a man, thus setting back the woman's movement back a couple of decades in the process. The first movie was pretty good, but this sequel was bullocks. If I had to sit through one more bumbling stupid remark of hers, I would have been forced to take some drastic measures. I'm sure you know of what I speak…

Yes, Ms. Jones (Renée Zellweger) returns to the screen much plumper and idiotic this time around. Thankfully, the stick-necked and somehow charming Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is there to temper her. Bridget seems to finally be satisfied with life as she has a brand spanking new boyfriend, Darcy, of a whopping six weeks. Which she seems to think is a suitable amount of time for a couple to both get married and have a baby together. As always, Bridget is ruled by insecurities and suspects that Darcy is having an affair with a lovely colleague named Rebecca (Jacinda Barrett). As the movie is subtitled "the edge of reason", that is exactly where she teeters for the breadth of the movie.

Watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is like sitting through a very unstable person's therapy session -- it's more torturous than entertaining. Moreover, and unforgivably, Jones makes every single woman look like a nut jobs whose sole goal in life is to get married. Never mind that she is mentally unstable and has a job where she is constantly put down and sexually-harassed. Who cares about all that fluff when you can have a ring on your finger, right? The first movie was refreshing because it portrayed a 'normal' woman on the screen who had "wobbly bits" and the habits and insecurities that many of us possess, but this follow-up just super-sized everything out of the realm of reality. You can't relate to this woman; at least you should hope you don't.

Yes, there are funny aspects to the movie but those are few and far between. Bridget's oversexed cad of a boss Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) returns, adding a humorous and sinister touch. And there is one scene, in which Jones ingests psychedelic mushrooms, that is admittedly quite funny mostly because the neurotic "crap reporter" finally lets down her guard and goes with the flow. But one or two funny scenes do not make a movie worthy of shelling out ten bucks for.

Just as you may suspect, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, is the penultimate chick flick. Which is ironic since it gives all women a bad name.

Stars: 1.5 out of 5