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Boys Noize

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

DJing professionally since the age of 16, Alex Ridha, AKA Boys Noize, has had a number of incredible hits since his debut album Oi Oi Oi took hold of the electro music world in 2007. After releasing his critically acclaimed sophomore album Power last year, he comes at 2010 with a world tour and more phenomenal productions. Speaking with SF Station from Amsterdam after a day of shopping for records, the brilliant Boys Noize shares his humble thoughts. Donít miss him the 13th Annual Pop Festival, also featuring Armin Van Buuren, Infected Mushroom, Steve Aoki, and more, on May 29th at the Cow Palace.

SF Station (SFS): You probably get this a lot, but you spell you name with a "z" and your new single "Kontact Me" with a ďkĒ ó any reason why you play on letters?

Boys Noize: Oh yes! For me it just looks better, and an "s" just doesnít look as cool. Itís the same with "Kontact." Maybe itís a little of bit of my German accent, as well.

SFS: Who is one person really like that you were able to work with this year?

BN: To be honest, Iím really happy at the moment. Iíve been working with Gonzales. Heís probably the most talented and content piano player in contemporary music and heís a great entertainer. I was a huge fan of his music before, and this year Iíve had the honor to work with him and produce his new album. Thatís the best, so far, in my music I think.

To work with interesting people that inspire me is the most important thing. The person I work with has to be an inspiration for me, as well. It keeps it exciting and itís great motivation to write music.

SFS: Since youíve been playing festivals and huge venues this year, do you ever feel like going back to play tiny venues?

BN: It really depends on where and when! The last time I was in SF was at Mighty and it wasnít huge, and it was a cool night! For me, I canít really say huge venues are better; itís always different and depends on the vibe of the people. Of course, I played many years in small shitholes. The first Boys Noize show was for 150 people in Berlin in a stone cave. And I did it for many years, but I still loved it.

SFS: Although you tour internationally and get tons of different music scenes, can you tell me your thoughts on San Francisco?

BN: I must say SF is a pretty nice place; I love the city and the people that live there. Iíve spent beautiful nights there. The last time I came, I thought people were really open-minded with music styles and well educated in electronic music, which is a good sign.

SFS: Since youíve been doing this for more than a decade and youíre only 27, do you see yourself doing this in your 40s?

BN: A good question! For me as a DJ, I know thereís a limited time. Iíve been professionally DJing since I was 16, and thatís 11 years already. I can see myself doing it for 10 more years but perhaps not crazy tours.

Iím probably going to DJ somewhere once every couple months when Iím forty, or something. I just love it so much. I look at myself as musician, so being a producer and a musician, I can be forever and do music forever. I love it too much!

SFS: You must have the craziest sleeping schedule!

BN: Well, maybe when Iím 50 Iíll become a farmer with some pigs.

SFS: Sure, and find yourself making music among the animals?

BN: Yes! Do you know Matthew Herbert?

SFS: I actually do.

BN: Heís the one who makes music with vegetables. He has a project he was working on and an album with everything around the life of the pig ó from being born to getting killed by the butcher. I think heís working on that album right now.

SFS: Is he a vegetarian now? It must be hard to eat pork after that.

BN: Definitely, thatís hardcore.

Catch Boys Noize at the 13th Annual Pop Festival on May 29th at the Cow Palace. Tickets are $40-$85. The show starts at 4pm.