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Bootie NYE

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

A Plus D, aka DJs Adrian and Mysterious D, met at Trannyshack way back in 1996. Seven years later, in 2003, from their minds came a revolutionary baby named Bootie, a party that started in San Francisco has since spread to other locales like Munich and Bangkok. Catch it this New Year’s Eve at Mezzanine. It’s guaranteed to be full of surprises and much more.

SF Station (SFS): What inspired you to start a bootleg mashup party? And did the party title of Bootie go along with it?

Adrian and Mysterious D (A+D): Simply put, we loved mashups, or "bootlegs," as they were called in the UK back when the mashup scene started there around 2002. Back then, people had no idea about what we were playing, and would occasionally come up to us during our DJ sets and ask, "Can you just play the normal song?"

So we thought it would be fun to throw a party dedicated solely to mashups, so people would know they were getting something special and unique, yet still familiar. Bootie is an abbreviation for "bootleg," which technically, nearly all mashups are, since they are pirated — basically unsanctioned and uncleared by the original artists. It's also a play on pirate booty!

SFS: You say your music is "music for the A.D.D generation." How do you define this?

A+D: We also call it the "iPod Shuffle" generation. It used to be that your musical taste defined your identity, but in our accelerated, information-saturated culture, we think that's changing.

People tend to multi-task with their musical interests much more these days. Who do you know who likes only one genre of music? And while it's seen as a hallmark of a younger generation, we think it's actually emblematic of contemporary culture in general, spanning several generations. That's why at Bootie you might hear everything from '50s music to very current music, all mashed up together in new and interesting ways.

SFS: Have you gotten into any serious trouble with the law regarding the sampling of the music?

A+D: No serious trouble, however we did get a cease-and-desist letter from EMI Publishing for DJ Lobsterdust's mashup "NirGaga," (Nirvana vs. Lady Gaga), which appeared on last year's "Best of Bootie 2009" album.

The reality is, record companies also love mashup and remix culture when they can use it, albeit, on the down low. We've been approached by more than one major label to help promote their acts, including helping to break a new artist — in particular, one by the name of Lady Gaga.

SFS: You the true definition of jetsetter, with parties from SF to Hong Kong. Do you try to make it to every destination once a month?

A+D: Oh my god, that would kill us! We're there for most of the one-offs and regular events that we do once or twice a year, like Hong Kong and London. But for the monthly parties in other cities like Berlin and Rio, we have partners who run those events. However, we do personally host and DJ all the parties in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle, and the various one-offs worldwide, which keeps us more than busy enough!

SFS: Since 2010 is coming to a close, what's one track you think that has been the most prominently featured in mashups?

A+D: Can we pick two? Deadmau5's "Ghosts N Stuff" and Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand" seem to be two of the most mashed-up songs of 2010, probably because they're not only catchy dance-floor bangers, but also, both contain hardly any vocals. For better or for worse, that means practically every DJ in the world has plopped a vocal on top to make an instant mashup. Although, we're starting to see tons of "Like A G6" mashups now too!

SFS: What's one place you guys are dreaming about starting Bootie at?

A+D: Tokyo! Doesn't Bootie Tokyo sound good?

SFS: It does! What's one of the craziest international story you can share with us?

A+D: Bootie Baltics in Vilnius, Lithuania was a pretty crazy situation. The party happened last April, when the Icelandic volcano had shutdown all airspace over Europe. We were doing Bootie Berlin, and were supposed to fly to Lithuania the next morning, so the Bootie Baltics people sent some friends to come and pick us up.

These guys drove fifteen hours to Germany to pick us up at 6 o'clock in the morning, right when the Bootie Berlin party ended, and then immediately turned around to drive like madmen through Poland, back to Lithuania — thirty hours of straight driving, just to get us to the gig on time. They drove us straight into soundcheck, and then the party began!

But damn, were we glad they did. They had transformed a giant warehouse into a big nightclub, complete with a live mashup band for Adrian to sing with, a costumer sewing mashup outfits in the back and offering mashup masquerade-style masks for party guests, along with booths, bars, and a giant dancefloor. It was packed with over 800 up-for-it people, and it definitely was one of the best gigs of our European tour — and we almost didn't make it due to that damn volcano!

SFS: What's in store for your New Year’s party? Can you share with us any surprises?

A+D: Although we love our usual home at DNA Lounge, it's going to be fun to move the party this one night over to Mezzanine, which has a much bigger dance floor, tons of capacity, and a great stage. We'll have the usual organized chaos, with live mashup Smash-Up Derby at 11 pm. We will be spinning the hits of the past year, all mashed-up. Plus, we've got a champagne toast and video countdown, and a big pirate balloon drop at midnight.

We've also got French rapper Grandpamini direct from Paris to do a couple of live mashups, and the Brass Tax DJs upstairs playing down-and-dirty bass-heavy party jams. We've also got several surprise performances that will happen on stage throughout the night.

Catch Bootie at Mezzanine on New Year’s Eve tickets are $30 in advance and $40 at the door. Doors open at 9pm. The first 500 guests receive a 20-track Best of Bootie 2010 mashup.