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Presidio, San Francisco, CA
+1 914.536.2727
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Health & Wellness, Health Club, Personal Trainer
Sun - Sat (6am - 8pm)
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My training is for anybody and everybody.  It is based on building strength in your core as well as in everyday functional movements.  I believe that training your entire body, and not just focusing on isolated movements that target specific muscles, is the key to having a strong, healthy and balanced body.  Being proficient and strong with the functional movements (squat, pushup, pullup, etc.) will help to prevent injuries and will allow you to enjoy and accomplish any activity you desire.

For the athlete, I build on your foundation with explosive movements coupled with endurance pieces to maximize your abilities.  I constantly vary the workout so your body will never plateau.   This variation will prepare you for the challenges of your sport.  As an athlete you can never predict what will happen next, and my training will give you the ability to react faster, stronger, and with greater skill than your opponent.