Book Magicians, Tall Tale Doctors, and Caffeine Messiahs

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Literary, Writing Group


This San Jose/Los Gatos writing group is for writers of book-length works who are serious about commercial publication. Not for those taking writer’s certificate courses, thinking about their MFA’s, looking for something to do because their husbands got transferred here, uncertain in their choice of grammar because of ESL issues, or those looking for encouragement on 2500 word short story fragments. You will need proof of commercial publication, line-by-line editing skills, and a work sample. You should also be more interested in clearing up the weaknesses in your writing than coddling your ego. All genres considered – genre snobs need not apply (Stephen King is one of my heroes). Interested? We will be meeting three times a month in the evenings at a location the group will determine.

Call or e-mail Monica @ (740) 590-6634.