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Director Deepa Mehta, who has made two of the films in my (albeit working) Top Ten Greatest Movies Of All Time List - Fire and Earth - has fallen from filmography grace with this shoddy, haphazard romantic comedy (I use the word "comedy" lightly because it is not funny at all) about a wealthy Indo-Canadian, Rahul (Rahul Khanna), who scrambles to find a suitable date/mate to bring to his sister Twinky's (Rishma Malik) wedding after his white girlfriend, much to the delight of his family, dies in a freak accident. He meets a mysterious woman named Sue (Lisa "I'm very good-looking" Ray), whom he assumes is a hooker, and pays her to pretend that she's his nice, new Indian girlfriend. When she begins to ingratiate herself with his family, things begin to get complicated (I also use this word lightly because this film is almost infantile in its simplicity). The movie tries to be campy but lacks the over-the-top antics to make it work, and it tries to satirize Bollywood plot schemes without fully exploring them. Let me sum this movie up and let me be clear so that there's no confusion: bad acting, bad production values, bad story.