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Blue Man Group

Summertime Blue

Even after you've seen it live, Blue Man Group is kind of hard to explain. People will find out you went to the show, and they’ll ask you how it was, what happened? After all, the name of the now 24-year-old performance troupe implies some kind of hippie thing, or an otherworldly aspect (or both?). Basically, it sounds like something you might find in Golden Gate Park on a particularly sunny day.

But the thrill of watching three dudes covered in blue body paint bang on pipes and drums, catch 30 marshmallows in their mouths, and hurl a human paintbrush at a blank canvas, is something you just can't allow yourself to miss. And I've already given out way too much information.

The rotating cast of seven Blue Men at the group’s San Francisco performances at Golden Gate Theatre is all but indistinguishable with black garb, blue faces and eerie, probing stares. For an hour and 40 minutes they lead the audience down a series of unexpected paths. At different turns you fell like you are witnessing a balls-to-the-wall rock show, an improv comedy group, a game show, a percussion ensemble, or a circus act. And as always, any audience member is fair game to go play with the Blue Men.

The original Blue Man Group themes of information overload and modern technology remain intact — the skits take every opportunity to make fun of infomercials, Twitter, Apple products, incessant texting, and the other goodies that make up 21st century life.

Above all else, the show is a spectacle. There are always three Blue Men onstage at any given time, often backed by a four-piece rock band with neon, glow-in-the-dark skeleton suits that blasts guitar riffs like it's the 1980s. There are huge LED displays, strobe lights, and a disembodied voice over the loudspeaker. You may even get to shake your ass a bit.

Check it out for yourself, and I promise you won't know if you've accidentally stumbled into a Daft Punk concert, or the best New Year's rave you never actually went to.

Golden Gate Theatre
Now through June 19th