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An unexpected discovery

So there I was strolling down 24th street on a Friday night, passing by the many cafés and bars filled with the usual Noe Valley crowd when I happened upon a most interesting sight. Like a candy store displaying its sweetly bounties to walkers-by, I happened to roam past a large window behind which none other than DJ Scribble worked his vinyl magic. The thumps of the 4 step-beats lured me through the doors and into Bliss.

A newcomer to the area, the 21-and-over Bliss is the new bar/lounge to check out in the city. Upon entering, you'll notice the guest DJ to your right, behind the main glass window, spinning the sublime and mellow dance beats for the patrons and onto the street. Though there is only one bar, the bartenders are very adept at their craft and provide drinks rather quickly, thus avoiding the usual traffic that lingers near the bottles in most bars. Bliss provides your standard assortment of drinks and serves up some great martinis, especially the special apple martini. In addition, the courteous staff will swiftly bring the drinks to you if you choose to lounge on the leather couches towards the back. Even further back, is a second level of booths situated behind an elaborate metallic cage-like siding.

On any given night you can find any one of the local big name DJs mixing it up. The music is mellow dance and appropriate for the bar or lounging atmosphere, with nothing too outlandish. The crowd is atypical of the neighborhood though and seems more suited to the Triangle area near Union; the twenty to thirty-year-olds who try too hard to look good and often succeed.