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Blip Blip Bleep – Like Track Stars

Released by Undercover Culture Music, 06/29/10

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I can picture Larvell Jones of “Police Academy”, now some twenty odd years later listening to, Blip Blip Bleep stride into their third album, Like Track Stars. Sean Han takes the lead, chased by Alexa Danner (controller/backing vocals) and Jojo Schwarz (drums) in this trio.

Eleven tracks wait for eager recruits to carry the Brooklyn pop, dance, electronica set to ever-dizzying heights and adventures in running getaway cars. This shouldn’t be a problem, as all the pieces are in place for a breakout.

Right at the gun, “Rock” hits all the correct marks of pop, dance, and electronica that you could ask for. The countdown activates all the catchy, infectious nerves leaving you to agree, “I just want to rock now baby!”

The balance and agility of the work is striking because with every yin, danceable tune there is a yang, pop ballad. “Like Track Stars” one of the most richly complex and lyrically sincere songs on the album is a pure salute to their growing poise.

Looking back on their critical praise from 2006’s Wireless and 2008’s Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up, the group looks to move on from that place while keeping an eye in the rearview mirror. They settle into hooky anthems once inhabited by the Cure. In fact, Blip does a fantastic cover of the Cure’s “A Letter to Elise” with Sean sounding freakishly similar to Robert Smith in iteration. It shows insight to the group’s many touchstones.

Blip Blip Bleep continues to tell stories and make heads bop, and the band is not afraid to “make the same mistakes twice” as the track “Rewrite the Scenes” states. Blip graduate early with flying colors on Like Track Stars, and I feel like Tackleberry saying, “Now remember, that’s Blip Blip Bleep and it’s quite a ... kick”.