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Blades of Glory

The Boys Bring It

At first glance Blades of Glory looks like unsophisticated drivel. And, essentially it is. But it is also very, very funny. The point is, it KNOWS what it is and accepts it with relish. If you want good old fashioned no frills laughs, then this is the movie for you.

Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) are figure skating rivals. Jimmy is prudish, effeminate and pampered whereas as Chazz is brawny, overtly sexual and crass. When they tie for gold at the World Championships and start brawling on top of the podium, the Figure Skating Association permanently bans them from skating in their field.

The two former athletes move on to pathetic existences, with Chazz turning to drink and eking out an existence as an evil wizard in a children\\\'s ice show and Jimmy working retail. However, after Jimmy\\\'s stalker, Hector (a scene-stealing Nick Swardson), reveals that he can still participate in the pairs division, both skaters find their dreams for glory returning.

Through a strange twist of Hollywood movie fate, Jimmy\\\'s old coach (Craig T. Nelson sporting an unusual hairdo) decides that Chazz would be the best choice for a partner and brings the two men together. The skating world is shocked. As one character states, \\\"As if figure skating wasn\\\'t gay enough!\\\"

Plus, their new rivals, the Van Waldenbergs -- Stranz (Will Arnett of \\\"Arrested Development\\\" fame) and Fairchild (Amy Poehler known for her work on \\\"SNL\\\") -- a pair who have long held the gold in their respective field are furious and will do anything to stop them. Hilarity in skates and sequined costumes ensues.

And, make no mistake, the clothes make up a good chunk of the laughs, particularly the \\\"flying peacock\\\" that Jimmy wears in the opening sequence. And let\\\'s not forget the hair. Both Jimmy and Chazz sport mounds of fluffed tresses. Indeed, at times Ferrell looks and sounds like George W. Bush in a wig. This could, of course, be an influence carried over from his reoccurring impersonation on \\\"SNL\\\" as the President.

Several scenes in Blades of Glory feel like comedic skits from the famed television show -- especially those scenes with Poehler on hand with over the top antics and insane dialogue that you can shoot off the next day at work. Of course, Ferrell has the best lines in the movie, spewing one-liner after one-liner. It\\\'s almost too much; he definitely shines here.

Blades of Glory offers light, fun comedic fare. There are no eye-rolling moments of insipidness or cloying scenes where a lesson is learned. What you see is what you get: skating madness, Ferrell and Heder, costumes, plus cameos from a who\\\'s who of figure skating, including (for all you \\\"South Park\\\" fans) Brian Boitano.

At just over an hour and a half, Blades of Glory is hilarious from beginning to end.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars