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Björk - The Music from Drawing Restraint 9

A Bizarre Assemblage of musical non-sequitors

Often described an icon of cutting edge style, one thing you can always expect from Björk is the unexpected. Björk has assembled a truly bizarre set of tracks for Matthew Barney's soundtrack for the film <i>Drawing Restraint 9</i>. Admittedly, it feels somewhat inappropriate to judge the soundtrack without having seen the film.

There are only a few tracks in the soundtrack that actually have lyrics:"Gratitude" and "Holographic Entrypoint'. The remainder of the tracks is comprised of instrumentals replete with chimes, harps, drums, and some very disconcerting "throat singing".

"Pearl" is truly the most upsetting track from the album as it sounds like several young children breathing painfully through an iron lung. It's hard to know exactly what one is supposed to take away from "Pearl". Perhaps in the context of <i>Drawing Restraint 9</i>, the track makes more sense.

The rest of the tracks run the gamut from darkly foreboding to lightly ethereal. Björk's wistful voice is conspicuously absent from the majority of the soundtrack and only shows up in "Bath" and "Storm". Complimenting this unusual musical menagerie is the solemn "Holographic Entrypoint' in which somber vocals are provided by an elderly Japanese man in his native tongue.

So, in short, Björk's soundtrack for <i>Drawing Restraint 9</i> has just about something for everyone, what it's supposed to mean is anyone's guess. Overall, it's an inconsistent album with only a few tracks that are really worth more than a single listen.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars