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Bits & Bites

Trends in Food

* Philly cheese steak from Jay's on Divisadero: a fortifying tube of savory meat, onions and cheese (minus the inexplicable lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) -- very portable, very rock and roll.

* Philly cheese steak from Burgermeister on Church after a long afternoon swim: a steaming, delicious mess piled into a double-wide baguette, more of a ruminative experience.

* Cold Radeberger Pilsner in tall, skinny beer mugs on a Sunday evening.

* Friday cocktails on the ferry to Jack London Square in Oakland, a big group of friends, a long wait with lots of beer, and giant platters of smoky,
saucy ribs, links and brisket at Everett and Jones BBQ. One of each side dish and heavy on the yams.

Chilaquiles with chorizo and fried eggs on top at Los Jarritos Mexican diner; it's the luncheon of champions.

The bacon at Foreign Cinema: soaked in molten brown sugar, perfect with a Pimms Cup or a Bloody Mary. An outdoor table. Brunch incarnate.