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A New Kind of Beast

San Francisco has a new beast to contend with -- the multi-faceted hydra called Birdmonster. Perched astride a multitude of genres, the San Francisco four-piece is tearing through the local scene with dedication. Ripping guitars, angular textures, highly emotive vocals, and jagged arrangements inspire the dramatic (but comfortable) song-writing with a wild fervor.

Touches of Modest Mouse coalesce with strains of Bruce Springsteen, resulting in an unlikely and ultimately successful combination. Too powerful to be alt-country, and too melodic to be hardcore, Birdmonster has created a sound that explodes upon first contact.
Moments of calm punctuate the seething and boiling, but never compromise the raw energy and power of the music.

Frontman Peter Arcuni covers substantial vocal ground, effectively conveying the softer moments and effortlessly rising to a fever pitch. On guitar, David Klein dictates the tone of the arrangements with a thickly textured tone and substantial presence. The rhythm section (Justin Tenuto on bass, Zach Winter on drums) pounds away with a serrated fury. Tenuto crafts powerful basslines that provide a unique melodic element. The angularity of these lines complement Winter's fragmented drum parts and together they push the music with an unusual but driving tilt.

Birdmonster is not a band too miss, because Birdmonster is not the type of band that typically emerges out of San Francisco. The heft of their sound, the intensity of their live shows, and the depth of their sincerity offer a welcome departure from the irony of our time.

Birdmonster performs at Bottom of The Hill on June 28th with Springfield Wifey.
Tue, June 28 9pm (doors at 8:30)
(all ages)