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Big Book Deals

The Fort Mason Quarterly Book Sale

Hardbacks, paperbacks, fiction, sports, self-help, memoirs, and biographies -- at the Friends of the San Francisco Library Quarterly Book Sale, held April 26 & 27 at Building A at Fort Mason, it would be hard to find a type of book that isn't for sale.

Several times a year, Bay Area bookworms are treated to this extraordinary sale, extraordinary in the shear volume of books, mags, and other assorted written material available. With a sea of books all priced at a $1 or less, the Quarterly Sale trumps any blue light special, anniversary sale, or rock bottom deal.

The sheer size of the sale, combined with the next-to-nothing prices, make it nearly impossible to leave without a huge stack. From romance novels to literary classics the sale has just about anything you'd ever want to read. Amongst the rows of books you can find computer books for the clueless, novels for the voracious and even a selection of videos, CD's, and cassettes. Maybe you'll find a copy of that Donna Tartt book you've been meaning to read, a Malcolm X biography or Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath oh the possibilities!

Get there early because over a hundred of San Francisco readers in the know regularly line up to make sure they have a first look when the doors open at 10 am on Saturday. And a word of caution, this isn't a see something you like and think about it crowd rather plan on carting out bags and boxes of books. People tend to claim corners and hoard their piles, so don't be surprised when someone says "Hand's off" if you start to browse through an already "claimed" pile.

This sale is more than just a great deal for book lovers. The enormous quantity of books sold benefit our San Francisco Public Library, each sale netting between $5,000 and $6,000. If, in spite of the selection, you can't seem to find anything that piques your interest then while you're there stop by the Fort Mason Book Bay Bookstore which is also operated by the Friends of the Library and open all year long. The prices aren't quite as low but still a shade cheaper than your average used bookstore.

The Quarterly Book Sale
April 26th & 27th
Fort Mason Building A
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-3:30